Nice Quest

A tabletop adventure podcast. Fantastic journey awaits… wherever the dice may land!

Cast & Crew


Season 1


Shannon Mason-Brown, Freea Vocados
Missing bio.


Rob Mason-Brown, Magnar Stormwind
Rob is a theatre practitioner by day, door-kicking barbarian by night. Originally a native of the UK, Rob is the co-founder and artistic director of Fred Skeleton Theatre Company, and has worked as a director professionally in the Okanagan Valley and beyond. A proud family man, he has two daughters and a fierce elven princess as his wife/beer wench/assassin.


Bonnie Esson, Morag Buttercrotch
Missing bio.


Brandon Shalansky, Gnomie Jean
Brandon is an actor, director and playwright working in Canada and the UK. Nice Quest is the first step in his journey to create projects that fuse his love of theatre and all things geek. Being an emerging professional in the DND and wider geek community is a badge he wears with honour and excitement!


Darren Scuffi, Orchops
Darren is often found on the stage, which he calls his second home—musical theatre has been a lifelong passion. He has had the pleasure of questing.... er performing with every member of Nice Quest on stage at one point or another (except for our DM...have you heard his singing voice as Garfunkel?). When not on stage or lending his voice to this podcast, Darren can be found gripping the cold steel of a pipe wrench as a gas fitter for a local heating company. He is most of all a loving husband to a loving wife and has two beautiful daughters.


Daniel Honke, Dungeon Master
Missing bio.



Guest Players

James Long, Jared Perkins Jr. (Serenity Falls), Shane McClane (Nice Quest Jr.)
James is theatre enthusiast who usually hides behind the scenes and has run off to start teaching literature to little ones.

Sammi Morelli, Chloe Sullivan (Serenity Falls)
If a Disney princess had lovechild with a pirate... You'd get Sammi Morelli. Singer, songwriter, performer and producer based in Kelowna, BC.

Thomas Fournier, Coal Maclean (Serenity Falls)
Just a tall kid trying to make it in a world with low hanging branches.

Zoe Sommerfeld, Jane McClane (Nice Quest Jr.)
Zoe is known for her ninja capabilities, her less than great navigation skills, and an obsessive (yet still healthy) love of the movie Die Hard.

Ryne Van Vliet-Brown, Dungeon Master (Nice Quest Jr.)
13 year old stage actor. Got into d&d recently.